Body-Jet Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction

The innovative body-jet® from human med® employs the gentle power of water-jet assisted lipoplasty (WAL), a fundamentally new approach to lipoplasty.  Unlike traditional liposuction methods, the body-jet® uses a gentle jet of water to simultaneously dislodge and remove fat from the body, while sparing blood vessels, nerves and surrounding tissue.  The procedure is safe, effective and easy, offering outstanding results with minimal risk, significantly shorter procedure times, and less discomfort and recovery time for the patients. 

The transformative power of water

Just as rivers and streams can reshape our natural environment, so can the power of water be harnessed to sculpt and shape the body.  Using a fan-shaped laminar jet, the body-jet® simultaneously irrigates and aspirates fatty tissue.  The gentle separation of fat cells from connective tissue minimizes trauma to the patient.  At the same time, significantly less infiltration fluid is needed with the WAL procedure as compared to traditional methods, helping to reduce exposure to tumescent fluid, minimize swelling, allow real-time precise contouring, and dramatically shorten procedure times.  For more information about the WAL procedure.

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